1. All competitors must sign this form stating they will obey all rules and releasing the K.A.T., its Officers, or Board of Directors from any liability for mounts entered in competition. Mounts entered in the show are done so at the owner’s risk. Every precaution will be made to secure the entries.  

2. The Judges’ decision shall be final unless an appeal is made to the Competition Committee (Board of Directors). A$25 fee must be paid to have an entry re-judged. 

 3. A valid K.A.T. membership or an out of state membership is required before entering a K.A.T. competition. A membership received after final registration closes will not be eligible for awards at the convention.  

4. More than one entry per person in a category is allowed.  

5. Protected species will need written proof or proper permits to be entered.  

6. Any vulgar mount or mount done in poor taste will be taken out of competition.  

7. No mount can be entered that has been in a previous a K.A.T. competition where judges were used. 

 8. Any mount completed under instruction/school can compete in professional or master categories and receive a score sheet and a critique but will NOT receive any ribbons or awards.  

9. Masters that enter a reproduction MUST make your own reproduction.  

10. We do not have an interpretive category. A mount deemed to be interpretive by the judges will not be scored.  

11. A Professional taxidermist is a person who receives money for their work.  

12. An Amateur taxidermist is a person who receives NO MONEY for ANY of their work.  

13. Combined Artists entries, all taxidermists listed on the entry, must be entered in the level of the most advanced taxidermist.  

14. All Around consists of a minimum of four (4) mounts of different species in four different categories: (Shoulder mount- Whitetail or Gamehead, Fish, Reptile, Bird, Lifesize).  

15. Competitor award consists of a minimum of four (4) mounts of any category except habitat or original art. A ribbon will be given to 2nd, and 3rd place with 1st place receiving a plaque.  

16. The Richard H. Schmidt Award of Excellence will go to the highest scoring Masters mount of a K.A.T. member in the competition.  

17. Every out of state competitor is eligible for the Best Out of State Award.  

18. A K.A.T. member, resident or nonresident, competing in a professional category is eligible for the “Best of Kansas” plaque awarded to the highest score in that category; and a K.A.T. member, resident or nonresident, competing in a master category is eligible for the "State Champion" plaque awarded to highest score in that category.  

19. Soliciting by suppliers, members or competitors in the competition area will be allowed after awards are affixed.  

20. No member or competitor can be in the judging area while judging is in progress, (other than the Competition Committee) or try to influence the judges in any way.  

21. Any mount entered in competition that is “wet” or “buggy” will NOT be eligible for ribbons or awards; but will receive a judge’s critique.  

22. Competitors will compete at the competition level used in their home state.   

23. A competitor violating a competition rule on an entry will be subject to loss of any and all awards. Entry fees will not be reimbursed. No disrespectful words or actions towards a judge will be tolerated.  

24. All grooming of your mount will take place outside the competition room and in the grooming room. Once you bring your mount into the competition room to be placed, you will have 5 minutes to do final touch up grooming with “hands” only, no tools. After your 5 minutes, you are required to leave the competition room.  I have read the competition rules and do agree that the mount or mounts that I have entered are in  accordance with K.A.T. competition rules and I have personally done the work.  

Date_______________ Competitor Signature_______________________________________   Amended 3/25/19

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