*COMMERCIAL                         REPTILES                              *SMALL LIFE-SIZE   WATERFOWL                      *LARGE LIFE-SIZE          UPLAND GAME BIRD  

*FISH                                   TURKEY  (New for 2015)      *COLLECTIVE Artist   WHITETAIL                               *ALL AROUND                    HABITAT                             

*Commercial entries will be judged five feet away; judges will be our own state master members; who will be selected at the show.  Entries will receive a score sheet and be eligible for a people's choice commercial division award, but not eligible for major awards.  

 *Small life-size mammals pro and master any mammal species (coyote adulthood size) size and smaller.  (Ex. fawn deer would be in the large lifesize & a coyote pup would be small lifesize.)  

*Large life-size mammals pro and master any mammal species (@ adulthood size) larger than a coyote.   (Ex. fawn deer would be in the large lifesize & a coyote pup would be small lifesize.)  

*Amateur and Professional fish reproductions can use commercial or self-made reproductions. 

 *Masters reproductions MUST be a self-made reproduction. 

*All Around must consist of four different  mount species; in four different categories:(Shoulder Mount-Whitetail or Gamehead, Bird, Fish, Reptile, & Lifesize) ; an average score of 80 must be obtained to be eligible to win.  *Collective Artist entries will be judged at the highest entry taxidermist level. Each artist must pay the special entry fee, but only one mount fee needs to be paid . 

*Competitors Award: This is open to all levels of competitors:  Amateur, Professional, and Masters.  Awards will be given for First, Second and Third place.  1st place will be given to the highest total score for four(4) mounts.  These entries may all be in the same category or mixed categories.  (Original art or habitat is not accepted).  If an amateur wins the first place plaque, they must then compete as a professional in those categories from that point.  If you have any questions on how this award works, please contact one of our board members listed on the KAT directors page.

*State Champion Award will go to the highest scoring Master mount in each category.
*Best of Kansas Award will go to the highest scoring Professional mount in each category.
Levels of competition include:  Amateur, Professional, Master, Collective Artists, and Commercial Division.

Master class: Competitors will compete at the competition level used in their home state. For example, if you compete at masters level in your home state, you will compete at masters level in KS. Kansas residents: two blue ribbons in a single category in the last four yrs will automatically move you to the next highest competition level in the category the blue ribbons were won.

Special Youth Division:  Bring your nature artwork, form alterations, or other taxidermy pieces to the convention and enter them in the youth division.  We will have a judge and give ribbon awards.  There is no fee to enter, so see what you can do.  Come learn and have fun at the convention.  Judges committee will decide all questions and will make final decisions.  Ribbons will be awarded based on the following point system:   

      First      90-100        Second   80-89                     Third          70-79  

ORIGINAL ART    RULES:  1.  Taxidermy Sculptures-Limited to manikins or clay sculptures made specifically for use in the  taxidermy trade.  2.  Bronzes or Castings-Limited to sculptures which have been cast in bronze or some other       medium to create a finished piece of wildlife art.  3.  Carvings-Limited to birds, fish, mammals and reptiles which have been wholly carved from  wood or some other medium to create a finished piece of art.  4.  Paintings-Limited to flat art only.  5.  Reproductions-Limited to unfinished parts of mammals, fish, birds and reptiles, which have  been molded directly for the actual species and reproduced in some type of casting material.  

                                                              !!!!!!  K.A.T.  AUCTION !!!!!!  

Every year, the K.A.T. holds an auction at the end of our banquet. New starting in 2018, the auction will be entirely done by silent auction.   This is the way we raise most of our money to fund our state show.  As in the past, we will have donations given by various taxidermy companies.  We will also have a variety of merchandise collected by our Regional Directors and other members from area merchants and individual contributors.  You can, if you wish, also bring something of your own to donate to the auction